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Parent looking over of child doing homework

Parent and Community Supports Are Assets of Rural Schools

In this concluding part of our rural education series, we focus on stories of rural families that go beyond statistics and delve into specific challenges rural parents encounter when getting involved in their children's education. Strategic recommendations are provided for rural school districts to support their communities better and enhance educational outcomes.

Cover Photo of Center for Public Education Report of a student resting his hand on his forehead

Educational Equity for Rural Students: Out of the Pandemic, but Still Out of the Loop

In part four of our five-part series, "Educational Equity for Rural Students: Out of the Pandemic, but Still Out of the Loop," we present data about how the COVID-19 pandemic changed rural student behaviors and aggravated mental health issues in rural schools. Challenges and considerations are examined in the areas of preventing suicide in rural schools, preventing school violence in rural areas, and partnering with parents and communities to foster a safe and healthy school culture.

Celebrating School Board Appreciation Month--Man smiling with students

Thanking School Board Members for Their Service to Students, Families, and Communities

In this message to school board members nationwide, Verjeana McCotter-Jacobs, the first 四不像中特图 executive director with experience as a school board member, takes a moment to say a couple of words that school board members rarely hear: THANK YOU!